missed : a revisit.

the sacred road


i stand at the window
watching the sun sink slowly towards the horizon.
it is fall –
the crimson leaves blowing
carelessly in the dancing wind.

the music plays seductively
in the background –
a gritty beat of heat
and passion.
i wrap my arms around myself.

we have just found each other
so each prolonged absence feels
excruciatingly long.
i yearn – ache for you.

i watch the leaves’ graceful fall
and recall our own love affair.
the quietness
the pure melding of hearts

our fall was smooth silk.
a decadent ride that builds in intensity
and decadence each day.
my heart feels full to bursting
yet each morning i love you immeasurably more.

i close my eyes
and imagine your arms are the ones holding me tightly.
i tilt my head
because i know of the power it has
over you.

my hair falls to the…

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