faded edges of time.

the sacred road


the cool bite of autumn
lays crisp and sweet upon the breeze.
it hinges the gap
as endings painfully amalgamate into beginnings.
growth stems
though herspirit throbs
with the rawness of one so newly healed.
a beautiful season lay before her
and the mindful twinges of change
leave herbereft yet undaunted.
the cycle never ceases
and far too many breaths have come
and gone
amongst falling tears and joyful cries.
bright pockets once vivid
in the splendor of their detail
now shimmer with the faded edges of time.
time carelessly expunges the lingering tendrils
that once bridged the here
the now;
but despite its brutish handling,
all that once glimmered
still burns vitally in an un-forgetful soul.
her pillow lay dotted with the ashes
of all that was lost in herrebirth of flame.
but each cinder stained etching
is a soothing balm
knowing that a piece of…

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